Minnesota Retail Construction

Retail spaces are wide open and built according to company specifications so that each section of the store can serve a specific purpose. For instance, there needs to be a stock room, offices, a secure cash office and/or room with a safe, a break room, and any other areas that are necessary to the operation of the business.

If you are ready to have a retail space built, our Twin Cities commercial construction company can do the job for you. We will help you through the land acquisition process, as well as with the steps of acquiring permits. In other words, we are there for you from the very start rather than when it is time to start the building process.

No Job Too Large Or Small

We take on large and small retail construction projects. If you wish to build a large grocery store, we will make it happen. If you want to have a small clothing shop or convenience store, we can make that happen for you. Tell us about what you need from your retail space and we will make it happen.

Retail Remodels And Expansions

In addition to building retail spaces, we remodel and expand existing spaces.

A retail store hardly ever stays the same. Trends change, which means the scope of the store may also have to change. When the scope changes, so do the layout and space requirements of the store. We are there to help you successfully and affordably address these changes so that your space can continue to be profitable. Retail establishments that make changes that appeal to existing and potential customers are those that continue to profit through the years. In other words, making the necessary physical changes that coincide with the evolution of your industry and business will produce a return on investment.

We can even make sure you have appealing landscaping that will attract customers.

Quality Solutions

Basically, our Twin Cities commercial construction company offers you quality solutions. Whether you are building a new establishment or you wish to transform the old, we create a project management plan that controls every aspect of the project so it runs smoothly. When a project runs smoothly, it is also more affordable for the customer when sound project management begins long before the ground is moved for the project.

Contact A Minneapolis General Contractors Company

Retail space construction is done quickly, but quality must not be compromised in any way. At Rutledge Construction, we create construction plans that get the job done quickly and well. We take pride in the work that we do, which is why we are there from the moment you decide you want to build, remodel, or expand your retail space. To learn more about our retail construction services, call us at 952-935-5558 to request a free estimate.