Office Building Construction

IMG_2975Rutledge Construction has built office buildings, as well as renovated them throughout Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the Twin Cities. This is a type of construction that requires a great deal of planning, permit approvals, and expertise. Fortunately, we have everything required to build amazing buildings that will serve their desired function for years to come.

If you wish to build an office building, need to expand a building, or the interior of a building needs to be remodeled so it better fits its evolving purpose, call our Minneapolis and St. Paul Commercial construction company. We are one of the most innovative and methodical construction companies in the metro because of our approach and our unique method of project management. We manage all aspects of your project so it gets done quickly and within budget without sacrificing quality.

Dedicated To Quality Craftsmanship

We are dedicated to quality craftsmanship, but that starts with our dedication to our customers. The moment you are ready to begin acquiring land and government approvals, we will help you. We don’t want until all of the red tape is out of the way to get involved in your project. If we did that, it wouldn’t be fair to you. We want to make the entire process as stress-free as possible. We want you to have confidence in the decisions that you make about the project.

Quality Office Building Remodels And Expansions

Another area that our Minneapolis and St. Paul commercial construction company specializes in is office building remodels and expansions. Offices have to be updated once in a while, which means remodels are needed. Perhaps you need to employ more people and that means altering office size or layout. Maybe you need to turn one office into two.

If your business is expanding, then we can expand existing buildings in various ways. We can listen to your needs and create a plan that will make that happen for you. We are very well-known for our methodical and smooth project management plans, just as we are known for our craftsmanship. We will put both to good use for you so that you have an end product that you are completely satisfied with.

Contact A Minneapolis & St. Paul Commercial Construction Company

Office buildings are found everywhere throughout the Twin Cities and someone had to build them. Some of them were built by Rutledge Construction or the interiors of them were remodeled by us. We take pride in ensuring companies have the office spaces they need to carry out very important jobs that make the Twin Cities great. If you need to have an office building constructed or remodeled, contact us today at 952-935-5558 to request a free estimate.