Minnesota Commercial Renovations Contractor

Owning a commercial property comes with some incredibly big responsibilities and one such responsibility is the upkeep of the building. Without properly maintaining the space that you own, it will eventually “die out” much sooner than it should. Or, it can lead to extensive and extraordinarily expensive repairs that would have otherwise been minor if… Read more »

Lowry Tunnel Closure Shows the implications of Commercial Construction

As any local Minneapolis resident knows, Lowry Tunnel is currently under construction. This has resulted in significant road and exit closures, with one local news outlet calling the current traffic situation around the tunnel ‘Carmageddon.’ It’s not a building construction project, nor is it necessarily commercial in nature. The tunnel closure is necessary for some… Read more »

Minnesota Commercial Property Construction

Five Renovations that Will Set Your Commercial Properties Apart from Others If you own commercial real estate, it can be hard to prioritize what renovations will bring in new renters and also keep your current tenants happy. If you have a budget for upcoming renovations, there are a few upgrades that might go further with… Read more »

Minnesota General Construction Contractors

Anytime your business manages a construction site, chances are you can benefit from a general construction contractor partnership. When engaging with professionals in this area, you can be sure that your day-to-day operations will be well taken care of, materials and personnel is managed effectively, and the construction project is completed on time and on… Read more »

5 Priorities Needed for Building Montessori Schools and Adult Care Facilities

You may not think of Montessory schools and adult care facilities as being similar. After all, one serves young children, while the other provides assisted living especially for elderly individuals. At the same time, especially when it comes to construction, both of these types of facilities need very similar priorities to succeed. Constructing a building… Read more »

5 Things to Look For in a Commercial Construction Company Before Hiring

No two commercial construction companies are alike, and while some might have a few similarities, there will always be one that truly shines and stands out from the rest. But what are the differentiating factors between a decent commercial construction company and an exceptional one? In this post, we will take a look at the… Read more »