The 3 Biggest Benefits of Minnesota Building Restoration Services

When a building is old and showing serious that some big repairs and renovations will be needed shortly, it’s very tempting to just demolish it and move elsewhere or start anew. But the case can be made for restoring and staying in an older building rather than knocking it down or simply leaving it vacant…. Read more »

What You Need to Know About Class A Office Space Construction

Anytime you look to engage in office space construction, you need to get the details right. Each step needs to be carefully planned in order to ensure that the final product is just what your tenants and/or employees are looking for. In the course of your preliminary research, you may come across the different classifications… Read more »

4 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Retail Space

Anyone who owns a commercial or residential space for many years will inevitably be faced with the responsibility of construction and remodeling needs. When it comes to owning a commercial property, particularly a retail space, it is imperative that you keep the area in impeccable shape in order to run business operations optimally and keep attracting more… Read more »

5 Variables to Keep in Mind for your Minnesota Building Restoration

When happens when you need to renovate and restore an existing building? Especially when it comes to commercial entities, this is an important question to answer. Should you move to a different space, or take the time and expense needed to engage in restoring it? It’s a central question to answer, but not the only… Read more »

Minnesota Commercial Building Roofing Contractors

4 Signs That Your Commercial Building is in Need of Roof Repair An inevitable part of owning a commercial building is routine maintenance and upkeep of that commercial building. And that will eventually include roof repair or total replacement of the roof. But how can you know when your commercial building begins to shows sign… Read more »

Minnesota Commercial Renovations Contractor

Owning a commercial property comes with some incredibly big responsibilities and one such responsibility is the upkeep of the building. Without properly maintaining the space that you own, it will eventually “die out” much sooner than it should. Or, it can lead to extensive and extraordinarily expensive repairs that would have otherwise been minor if… Read more »

Lowry Tunnel Closure Shows the implications of Commercial Construction

As any local Minneapolis resident knows, Lowry Tunnel is currently under construction. This has resulted in significant road and exit closures, with one local news outlet calling the current traffic situation around the tunnel ‘Carmageddon.’ It’s not a building construction project, nor is it necessarily commercial in nature. The tunnel closure is necessary for some… Read more »