We Are Dedicated To Quality Craftsmanship For Our 65 Years


Rutledge Construction was established in 1947 by Ralph Rutledge. It was operated as a partnership until 1960, when the company was incorporated with the State of Minnesota.

Prior to World War II, Ralph’s construction career began by building gas stations across the nation for Standard Oil. During the war Ralph supervised the construction and maintenance of secret development facilities for the Department of Defense, a fact that we think is kind of neat. After the war, Ralph returned with his family to the Southwest Metro where he was born, to build his American Dream one project at a time by starting the Ralph T. Rutledge Construction Company in 1947.

Tom Rutledge, Ralphs son became President of the company when Ralph retired in 1974. Tom has over forty years of experience, specializing in industrial and commercial building construction. In recent years, the third generation has taken the helm.

Over the last 65 years much has changed in the construction industry and we have worked hard to change with advances in technology, sustainability, materials and project management. However, what hasn’t changed is our family commitment to quality; the cornerstone to the way we do business.

Over the years, Rutledge Construction has made a name for itself in quality craftsmanship and dedication to the industry. Our image comes from our client’s satisfaction and word of mouth advertising reflecting our commitment and dedication to excellence.